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Jill Willett

Jill Willett is passionate about supporting her client’s health and vitality through movement. Her life long dedication to fitness includes functional movement programing. Like many coaches, her first initial focus was more or less about reaching goals that were assessed with a tape measure, image, and performance improvements. Jill’s coaching then expanded, now including programs designed to physically and energetically shift unhealthy patterns as she supports her client’s goals and quality of life. Her coaching has been greatly influenced by her own personal experiences with injury and recovery; as well as working directly with a broad base of clients from ages 19 to 84.

As a holistic movement coach Jill teaches strength, stability, and flexibility through physical alignment and transformative breath work. She has completed trainings in strength and
conditioning, Foundation Training, vinyasa yoga, prenatal yoga, and coaching the prenatal and postpartum client. She specializes in training the core and pelvic floor, as well as alleviating back pain. She offers coaching from a holistic perspective by encouraging clients to get to know their bodies through thoughtful and intentional movement. She offers support by teaching clients to connect intuitively with their bodies and to embody alignment. Most importantly, Jill’s intention is to support her client’s cultivation of a practice of self love through kinesthetic expression.

JW Holistic Movement will support each client on their journey to becoming a “lotus flower”.


Jill Willett, Founder, Coach, and Instructor