Conscious Three

Conscious Three, I am excited to announce a collaboration between Moja Yoga (Megan Makenzie), Inner Rhythms (Ashley Dahlem) and JW Holistic Movement (Jill Willett). Each of us offer doula services, movement and wellness , and body work. We share a passion for caring for women and supporting them during journey into motherhood.  Conscious Three came together to create a combination of unique skill sets so we might perfect care for our clients.

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Prepare and Restore

I am excited to announce that my long time friend and bodyworker Ashley Dahlem and I will be partnering on a special package of prenatal/perinatal care. 

Our Prepare and Restore Package is designed especially for the prenatal/perinatal mama in mind. It features an initial assessment by Ashley and myself and four treatments from each of us to be used within 6 weeks of delivery. 

These treatments by Ashley are based on Arvigo® Technique and sessions with Jill are based on her expertise in Breathwork, Meditation, and gentle restorative movement.


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Julie Wiebe

Julie Wiebe's material and content is highly respected in the industry of Physical Therapy and fitness. I have completed three of her courses and highly recommend coaches and teachers check out her content and courses. Click here to view and purchase her online courses. I recommend this content for anyone coaching athletes or working with folks who are suffering from incontinence or any kind of pelvic floor dysfunction. Even if you leak just a little in certain situations, or if you just have low back pain, this content is worth a look.